The concept of home is a myth.
Every nomad knows this. We first venture out into the world because we feel uneasy at what could be called our home, where we were born. So there we go on a search of something we think is geographical, only to find it is so much more than that.
The romantic in me always tried to make homes out of partners, only to learn that home doesn’t have intimacy issues, it doesn’t cheat, it never gets boring or asphyxiating, it changes with you, it propels your growth and expands to your ever changing size.
The practical in me studied places, learnt their weather, their population, the average expenses, basic culture. But everything you’re trying to avoid is everywhere else as well.
Then I thought home was a feeling but those come and go and they’re not to be trusted, for home is not something unstable.
Home is a place to rest naked knowing no one’s watching.
A home is built, it needs strong foundations, it takes time, it will continuously need remodeling. And the best part is, it is portable, it goes with you. Home is not a place, not a person, or a feeling. Home is a state of mind, a way of life where you know who you are and what you need and deliver it to yourself. Home is rest, nourishment, deep understanding, self love, giving your creativity an outlet, the chance to cry, the space for feelings to exist free of judgement, and many breathing pauses.
And you can never leave home, it comes with you, it is you.
You are your home.

-María Andrea G