Procrastination Clique

There is nothing special about your procrastination problems, everybody has them. What you see out there is made by people who just like you, had an idea, what separates you from them is that you are not carrying it out… yet.
we all have them,
don’t romanticize yours.
Don’t buy your own bullshit. If you are not doing something, it’s because you don’t want to, not because you can’t.
Don’t be afraid of sharing your plans because you fear people will shame you later if you don’t accomplish them. There’s no such thing as jinxing things when sharing them publicly. Sharing them increases your chances of getting help at making them happen, people want to help and if you believe this, you’ll get better at spotting it.
Assign dates to what you want to accomplish and ask people who love you to keep you accountable. Make it part of your conversations with your closest ones, what you’re both working on, your victories, how you solved your last struggle. You could be aiming at completely different things but going thru similar processes in many areas.
It is inspiring to be growing alongside others, but finding people to do it with in your circle is not always an immediate option for everyone, I get it. When I started eating healthy some of the people I spent most of my time with faded away, our quality time consisted of eating waffles and crepes together and then making jokes about how overweight we were and how bad we felt. So I latched on to fitness bloggers on tumblr, to the authors of the books I was reading, befriended my gym coaches and expanded my web to things that would help me stay and grow in the healthy eating area. After some time my family got to it, then my friends were asking me about it, and I started blogging about it, then I got certified as a Plant Based Chef and I got to practice it and I’ve done workshops about it. Because of this, Ive met people who have become my actual friends and they’re my ‘‘we’re growing together clique’ we’re all into food and wellness practices but our different projects help us learn from different perspectives and I value their insights immensely.
So start working on that which has been in your head, trust the process, look for people or ways that will keep you accountable and sooner than later you will begin to create an outer environment that encourages and facilitates your plans coming into fruition. Let’s go from procrastination to manifestation, together.
-María Andrea G